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Security Guards and Supervisors

Soldier Security takes great pride in manned security provided by our professional security personnel. With skills and experience enhanced by rigorous training, our service quality is supplemented with the application of technology and structured levels of supervision.
From the initial screening and selection of security officers, to the best in class training programs, Soldier Security is fully prepared to anticipate and meet the most stringent security requirements. The 15 days extensive training helps them to be motivated and acclimatized to the scope of work that is expected of them. We are available 24-hours a day to respond to your calls in fastest possible time. No matter what your security need is, Soldier Security has the resources, training, capabilities and experience to meet your need. Our uniform guarding services is available for access control, patrolling, protection of premises, offices, factories, banks, ATM booths, warehouses and multinational companies, anywhere in Bangladesh up to upazila level.

Armed Guards

Our fully trained armed escorts unit constitutes of 40 gunmen. This unit also assists Cash Carrying Operations throughout the city and the suburb. These armed gunmen use licensed weapons that have been permitted by the Government for use only in Security Companies.

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