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We have a very elaborate system of checking and monitoring of our guarding activities / personnel. Dhaka and other major cities are divided into Zones, which are inspected by Zone Commanders every day. They go and ensure that the guards are on the posts. Sometime they meet the clients to know about their observations etc. In each Zone there are Asst. Zone Commanders and Night Checkers.

Most of the Zone Commander / Asst. Zone Commander / Night Checkers are mobile with Motorcycles. They are regularly paid fuel allowance from the company. They are also equipped with Mobile Phones & Walkie- Talkies.

At night there are Mobile Patrols sent from the Headquarters every day to check and monitor the night shifts. Every Friday an Officer of the rank of Director / GM goes around the city of Dhaka to check posts. Surprise checks are often carried out to see the real state of the guarding services/personnel.

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