Recruitment is the lifeline of the company, management of Soldier Security appreciates the importance of proper recruitment in order to maintain the quality of the guard force. It is this reason that we have such a high level of retention, with a certain percentage of guards and officers staying with the company since its inception 7 years ago. We are on the way to start operations of a training academy in Ashulia. The incumbents have to undergo a pre medical inspection done by our retainer doctors at our operations site prior to signing up for training. The academy provides free housing and meals for incumbent trainees and at the end of the 15 days training, they are attached as a perfect soldier. The methods we follow for recruitment.

Soldier Security Service Ltd.
Following are The Methods We Employ:
Soldier Security has now categorized the guard force into three streams and they are as follows:-
Selection Procedure
On arrival at the recruitment points, the Recruitment Officer confirms from the candidate that he is in possession of the following:
  • National ID Card/Birth Certificate
  • Updated Certificate from local Chairman (Original Copy)
  • Certificate from local elite/Ward Commissioner
  • Certificate of Educational Qualification

Second step is to check if the candidate meets company’s physical requirement.

He is then put through a written test.

All qualified candidates are then interviewed by the Branch Manager/General Manager/Director Operations for final selection.

As soon as an individual is selected, we write to the local Police Station for verification. Our team also carries out verification of the individual.

Once an individual is selected, he is put through a training of 15 days. In this period in addition to basics, he is given special training on security related matters. He is taught details of guard duties at different installations like factory, office, bank, residence, construction site etc.