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Why Us

Soldier Security is Bangladesh’s premium security services company. But what sets us apart is our diligent, incessant pursuit of excellence in our work.

Expertise & Diligence

We provide the widest range of security solutions across the country. Our operations are coordinated by the very best of military trained, professional and a dexterous workforce.

Executive Protection

We can arrange personalized protection for our clients whenever and wherever they need them. We provide uniform/plain cloth security personnel to different offices, installations, warehouses of the clients. They carry out duties in shifts. They are also employed for access control duties at the gates. This includes access control of both vehicle and pedestrian. Secondary job of premise security is to contain workplace violence, which is unpredictable at times. It is generally initiated by employee terminations and disgruntled workers significantly increase the likelihood of a violent encounter or event at the worksite. This is the duty of our security personnel to ensure safety and security of the staff members of the clients.

Training & Development

We have gone beyond security services and constantly pushed the edge of excellence in our training and development regime. We provide military influence training and learning techniques as well as a wholesome technical education in security services and diligence. To balance the rigorous regime we instill recreational and devout religious knowledge in all our graduates. Our dedicated training academy is our pride.

Our Vigilance

Soldier Security operates around the clock, every day of the year. You can count on us for prompt, rapid service at any hour.

Employee Background Check

Our teams of qualified investigators are able to regenerate a comprehensive report of the background of our client’s employees. They are able to create these reports by analyzing the person’s National ID, criminal records, educational and employment references and other customized requirements.